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“We specialise in digital engagement, executing projects that awaken your brand online”

About EuSoMe


Well hello there! We think it’s time you got to know us a little bit before you decide whether or not you need the services of a social media agency and digital content house. There are three things you should know about us, then you can go and dip into our portfolio and see what we can do with you.

First Three Things


There has to be a reason why some things are created. EuSoMe was built upon monumental influences, only three of them, that prompted the development of our lovely ‘non-agency’.

A Name Bestowed


“With the birth or discovery of something new, a name must be given”

Find out where the name EuSoMe came from, or just learn how to say it.

Ian Jeanes

IAN JEANES / A Digital Facilitator

He hates words like ‘Interview’ and ‘Boss’, he started EuSoMe in 2009, calls himself a Digital Facilitator(!) and he’d like to share with you why he thought it high-time there was an agency who found work for freelancers and helped small businesses and individuals release their digital potential.




We aren’t quite PR but we’re also not quite Digital Marketing. We lie somewhere in between. Somewhere in the realms of communication and campaign; the grey matter that makes your business human and your audience organic.

Our services are based on what we call Social Digital Authentication, three words that mean your online audience can recognise your brand, connect with your values and share your content. Social Media continues to grow and change the way the public choose the businesses they work with, from as simple as verifying a website to the more extensive popularity search – where a potential customer/client will see what your communication is like and how much you  are valued online.

We LOVE those more extensive searches because that means more opportunity to compete with larger organisations who don’t have a huge advertising budget. It’s why we want to use our expertise to get your brand visible to the right people.

EuSoMe has broken down this Social Digital Authentication process into three areas:

1. IDENTITY: What you look like. This is what people see and recognise.

2. CONTENT: What you do. This is what people know about you and your business historically, currently and intentionally.

3. FORM: How you behave. This is how your audience measures your value online and relates to your brand.

Social Digital Authentication

«The Triad of Authentication

Here we have created an infographic to show how we can help your audience authenticate your brand. YOU, in the middle there, are made up of your Identity, Content and Form, we have expertise in using Branding, Content and Engagement to aid the authentication of those three key areas that, ultimately, make your whole.


EuSoMe / Building identity and affirming brand


#Brand & Logo Design #Web Design #Styling #Image Consultation #Life Coaching #Entertainment Law #Media Training

When making your brand stand-out online, we first ensure that internet users can IDENTIFY you. By using a multitude of different skill-sets, and subsequently freelancers, to build the face of your brand, EuSoMe can create you an identity that sets you apart.

EuSoMe / Generating content to further increase what people know about your brand


#Press & Publicity #Copywriting #Information Architecture #Art Direction #Creative Production #Cinematography #Video Production (including #Motion Graphic #Voice-Over #Presenters) #Film Production #Music Production 

A big part of the what makes you stand-out is the bit that allows your audience to authenticate you on content. EuSoMe understands this innately and know that sharing parts of you will help your audience find you, relate to you and, ultimately, buy from you.

We have experience in restructuring information architecture, rewriting text, generating content for a variety of media and audiences, and presenting information.

EuSoMe / Generating advocacy with behavioural activity on social media and at event.


#Social Media Strategy #Online Community Development #Public Relations #Workshops #Live Event Production #Live Web Streaming #Account Management

Brands get born and they die all the time. Burt Bacharach said it: “what the world needs now is love, sweet love” and he was right. In the digital world, it isn’t enough to show-and-tell. With social media we have the ability to build long-lasting relationships and generate meaningful interest in our brands and, not just that, we also have the ability to Love and be Loved.

Businesses are now becoming more and more human with every leap in technology. The internet is forcing us to become better providers for our customers. EuSoMe holds this knowledge at the root of all its strategies and focuses on the levels of engagement your brand has online and how to build upon it so that it translates to the physical world.




  • Testimonial
    Rob Johnson FCCA MCT / Co-director, Alexandra Wine Ltd

    We were introduced to Ian in November 2013 when we decided that we wanted to start our business as a supplier of fine wines. Honestly, we weren’t sure what Ian did but we were soon mesmerised by the extent of his knowledge and creativity on the subject of the internet, and, not only that, but his enthusiasm to help and guide us. We found him to be smart, positive and excitable about our business.
    He took our desires to be online and wrote us a brief and proposal that gave us the facts we needed to pick and choose what would be manageable for us. His skills as a mediator, mentor and creative is oxygen to us. He has helped us breathe digital life into our passion for wine and business. He continues to guide us on our social media presence and use of social networks to ensure we get the most out of them and even taking on social media streaming when we host live events for our clients. We have now asked him to start thinking of innovative ways for us to stand out and build our audience online. I still don’t know what a Digital Facilitator is but I know why we need one. If he continues to connect us to audiences I wouldn’t normally have access to and provide excellent advice on web strategy, as he has done so far, then we should all have one in our life. In particularly, this one.

  • Testimonial
    Mark Dayson MCSP ACPSEM / Director, Dayson Physio & Sports Rehab

    I originally went to EuSoMe because I’d seen some of Ian's work and liked the websites he’d created, though if you’re expecting a web designer when you talk to him you’ll be surprised to learn that he's a bit more than that. He goes by digital facilitator but he’s a magician looking at the internet with creative eyes. He didn’t just build a website for me, he understood my business enough to create a living showcase of what I, as a physiotherapist, have to offer.

    EuSoMe has created a platform for me to build a brand synonymous with sports and its spectators. He has integrated me into an online community I would not have thought to use strategically. To say he’s digitally opportunistic is an understatement. He sees value in things I would normally write-off as pointless or not even notice and has introduced me to a world of potentially new customers and clients. Ian has given me a strategy to market to people without it seeming so and generate more traffic to my previously underused and not terribly engaging website.

  • Testimonial
    JP Hevey / Stylist, TV Presenter & Writer, EffortMade

    I’ve known Ian, founder of EuSoMe, for a long time and he has always maintained that the future of the web is social; that the Internet and the way people use it will directly increase outreach for our company message. In fact he has always been ahead of the curve on the matter, managing to locate areas of specific exploitation for me to add to my strategy that absolutely work.

    As a fashion stylist, TV presenter, writer and self-confessed digital-media-phobe, I was afraid of putting content onto the internet because I felt it would be sharing tricks that I normally play close to my chest and employ as part of my service. Slowly but surely Ian has eroded my misconceptions about the Internet and nurtured my confidence to use it to my advantage. He built my website, facilitated my ‘behind-the-scenes’ mini-documentary, orchestrated new projects, pushed boundaries in my writing for an online audience and I now, with his guidance and encouragement, produce video content to a YouTube audience that is being shown on a live TV Network twice Weekly.

    He is a true asset, with a sparky, contagious energy that gets the job done with pleasure. I now find myself telling people how important social media is - the worm has most definitely turned!

  • Testimonial
    Gema Enseñat / Writer, Blogger, Presenter, That Girl Off The Telly

    I could tell you that Ian took my idea of who I was, and what I did, and converted it into a full-blown website, and complimentary social media strategy, that was way beyond what I’d originally imagined. Or, I could take you on a small descriptive journey. I don’t write testimonials, as a rule, so I think I’ll do the latter.
    So… You know when you go to the hairdressers, and you try to explain to the stylist what you want? There’s a conversation where they pretend they understand, agree with everything you say, nod emphatically at the photos you’ve brought along, and promise they’ll do something JUST LIKE THAT for you… but what you end up with is something that represents what they know, what they’re comfortable with, and what they think is best for you; in other words NOTHING close to what you originally envisaged. Working with Ian is NOTHING LIKE THAT. If you take that example and turn it on its head – he listens, takes your ideas, and develops them onto a much higher level… it’s very hard to explain what Ian does – because he is a combination of many talents (!); for a start he has an innate understanding of people, of what makes people tick, and how communication works on a social media platform, when it’s working at its best. He’s creative and has incredible artistic vision without being domineering, and even though he may come across things he doesn’t know along the way – he is unafraid to challenge himself (and you, as the client) – culminating in a creative collaboration, the likes of which you may have never experienced before. If it sounds like I’m impressed by Ian’s work it’s because I am. I cannot say enough about his work ethic, the energy and drive he brings to delivering on his promise, and the confidence I feel in his ability to develop an idea from a spark to a full blown Social Media Campaign…

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